Custom Wedding Videos

Do you have an upcoming wedding? If so, you’re likely in the middle of a lot of planning. In all honesty, there is a lot of time and energy that goes into making such an important day all that it can be. With all of this time and energy, there also tends to be a lot of stress and anxiety.

After all, the majority of people want their wedding to go perfectly. As well, they want it to be filled with a joyous time that creates lasting memories. Unfortunately, no matter how hard a person tries to remember certain details of a day, memories can fade over time. Surely you don’t want to forget about the amazing events that take place on the day you get married. That’s exactly why you want to hire a wedding cinematographer.

However, you don’t want to hire just any wedding filmer. Some are better than others, and unfortunately, some don’t seem to be very talented at all. When it comes to filming such a special day, anything but the best should never be an option. Hiring the right photographer is a big deal. After all, the last thing you want to experience is a major disappointment when you view your wedding film for the first time.

When it comes to custom wedding films, a videographer needs to be able to know what to film and how to film it. They also need to pay close attention to detail. On top of all of that, they need to be able to blend in with the event and avoid becoming the center of attention.

Professionalism is also a must. Without it, the same person that you hired to create something amazing for you can end up being nothing more than an inconvenience on a day that you want to remember forever. As well, the ability to make people feel comfortable is another important skill that a wedding film company should possess. You certainly don’t want someone walking around your wedding that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable. You should also check into what others have to say about a company before hiring them. Luckily, this is easy to do in modern times. Most respectable businesses have websites that offer potential clients ease of access to testimonials as well as portfolios.

Après Events takes care of all of this, plus more. Producing beautiful, breathtaking, and unmistakably masterful work is a top priority when it comes to our wedding cinematography. Take a moment to look over the available testimonials and portfolios. You will surely be impressed by what you see. In all honesty, there is no way to compete with a business that is solely focused on customer satisfaction as well as the quality of work. Many competitors may think that they can match Après Events but when it comes down to the truth, they simply can’t.

Don’t waste your time or money dealing with a wedding video service that will disappoint you. Instead, go with the choice that takes pride in putting smiles on the faces of the people they serve as well as tears in their eyes, of course in a positive way. Trust me, out of all of the events that will take place in your life; your wedding day is not one that you should try to cut corners on. Newlyweds deserve to have a Jackson Hole wedding video that is a real cinematography artist and not just someone with a camera.

Take some of the stress off of your shoulders and make the decision to have Après Events attend and film your wedding. You will surely appreciate the hard work, artistic touch, professional attitude, and incredible attention to detail that you will receive.

Wedding Video Music Ideas

We often get these phone calls or emails from brides who are struggling to select what wedding video music would be best to use on their wedding video.

Our response is the same and it basically comes down to choosing music that reflects your personalities. We always recommend choosing tracks that are not typical Top 40 tracks or popularized music. Why not popularized music you may ask, simply put, popular music dates! You will always depict the era or style of the song if you have heard it before.

So what we recommend is music from those favorite Artists but tracks that are not overly played or well known. Often the best wedding video music tracks are non-popular music because lets be honest, we are not producing a wedding music video but more a wedding video of the bride and groom with subtle music.

Just like when you watch television or movies you don’t really notice the soundtrack they use. Its this same reason that we dont want to use overly powerful tracks dominating the vision and audio grabs.

I know there are a lot of 80s music fans out there and just like the movie The Wedding Singer, its soundtrack was popular 80s music. It is all relevant, the movie was set in the 80s hence the soundtrack was also. So just remember if you are a fan of this type of music you are automatically sending your wedding video back 30 years. Im not saying Im not a fan of 80s music, Im just aware that the end result will date your video before you even receive it.

lastly, do yourselves a favor DO NOT GOOGLE WEDDING VIDEO MUSIC. You will end up with the same soundtrack as every other person who uses that search term.

Music is important and if you are struggling to decide then pick a couple of artists and let us do the rest. Wedding video music will make or break your video!

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A photography bundle is our most common package with a short video and voiceover.

We have seen people always regret when they don’t include a wedding film addon so I always recommend adding that as it is almost always everyone’s favorite when everything is said and done.

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