Wedding Video Music Ideas

We often get these phone calls or emails from brides who are struggling to select what wedding video music would be best to use on their wedding video.

Our response is the same and it basically comes down to choosing music that reflects your personalities. We always recommend choosing tracks that are not typical Top 40 tracks or popularized music. Why not popularized music you may ask, simply put, popular music dates! You will always depict the era or style of the song if you have heard it before.

So what we recommend is music from those favorite Artists but tracks that are not overly played or well known. Often the best wedding video music tracks are non-popular music because lets be honest, we are not producing a wedding music video but more a wedding video of the bride and groom with subtle music.

Just like when you watch television or movies you don’t really notice the soundtrack they use. Its this same reason that we dont want to use overly powerful tracks dominating the vision and audio grabs.

I know there are a lot of 80s music fans out there and just like the movie The Wedding Singer, its soundtrack was popular 80s music. It is all relevant, the movie was set in the 80s hence the soundtrack was also. So just remember if you are a fan of this type of music you are automatically sending your wedding video back 30 years. Im not saying Im not a fan of 80s music, Im just aware that the end result will date your video before you even receive it.

lastly, do yourselves a favor DO NOT GOOGLE WEDDING VIDEO MUSIC. You will end up with the same soundtrack as every other person who uses that search term.

Music is important and if you are struggling to decide then pick a couple of artists and let us do the rest. Wedding video music will make or break your video!

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